RAPTOR Loudspeaker system

Bird and Wild Animal repeller Systems

electronic bird scarer RAPTOR

RAPTOR bird repeller loudspeaker system imitates natural enemies

Birds are kept out of the protected areas through use of acoustic imitations of natural predators.
Sounds include:

Bird calls of raptors and other birds of prey
Bird cries of fear
Dog barking
Airplane sounds

The high degree of effectiveness of the RAPTOR bird repeller is due to the acoustic imitation of natural predators. The system uses a rotating random sequence of eight sounds from nature that the birds and other animals instinctively associate with danger. When animals hear these sounds they stay away from the protected areas.

Although humans can also hear the sounds, from a certain distance the sounds are not consciously registered since they mix with the naturally occurring sounds in the surroundings.

bird control agriculture

bird control for industry

avoiding birdstrikes

keep away wild boars

The most important advantages of our bird repeller system:

- High level of effectiveness
our loudspeaker system is capable of keeping huge areas free of birds

- Quick return of investment
the failure of crops caused by birds can be significantly reduced. This compensates the Products prices quickly

- Simple installation and operation
just 4 screws and a 12V Battery is required an our bird scarer is ready for operation

- Noise protection options
the natural sounds can be directed in the preferred direction

- Money-back guarantee

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