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Birds problems in the automotive industry

Birds often cause considerable problems on the large storage areas of car manufacturers and car logistics specialists. They are usually undisturbed behind the fences or sit on the power lines that run across the area.


Examples of damage caused by birds:

    Birds (e.g. starlings) defecate new vehicles. As the bird droppings contain very aggressive substances, damage to the paintwork of expensive new vehicles can occur. Expensive repainting can be the result.
    Crows peck out rubber or plastic parts of vehicles in their play instinct and cause major damage.

As the sites usually offer neither food nor special nesting possibilities, it is relatively easy to keep the birds away using the bio-acoustic method of the RAPTOR. 
Solutions depending on the size of the area and the desired power supply:

    RAPTOR R31 or R35 with 12V battery supply
    RAPTOR R31 or R35 with 230V (110V) power supply, if electric power is available.
    RAPTOR R56 remote (available as 12V, solar or 230V version) Particularly interesting if a space maintainer or security person can view the area anyway. Even large flocks of birds can be deflected at the touch of a button. In noise-sensitive areas, event-driven triggering is usually the only option.

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