Bird problems on AIRPORTS

Bird control is crucial for security in aviation, and especially in airport settings.
Engine failure can result from birds colliding with aircraft engines. To reduce the risk of a bird strike, it is essential for airport operators to minimise the number of birds in the airport area.
Methods to repel the birds are of central importance.


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Solutions for birds on the landing runways:

Besides the usual measures, installing a comprehensive set of multiple RAPTOR R56 remote devices around the runway is an optimal method to repel individual birds or flocks of birds from the runway and airport area.

The RAPTOR remote system has important advantages for the “bird control” personnel:

  • In critical situations (flocks of birds near runway or landing strip during take-off or landing) a simple press of a button can activate one or more RAPTOR devices immediately. The person operating the remote can be up to 2000m away. Also, the bird control staff need not stand close to the flock in order to carry out the bird control measure. Crossing the runway or taxiway, which is time-consuming and often impossible, is unnecessary with the RAPTOR system.
  • Through consistent and use-oriented activation at the right time (when the bird enters the protected area) the birds can be conditioned. They learn that they are observed and “hunted” in the secured areas, and then avoid the areas in the future. Only in difficult cases (such as with birds who have resided for years in the specific area) are “accompanying measures” necessary
  • Acclimatisation can be prevented by appropriate use of the system.
  • The system can be operated from the flight control tower at smaller airports.
  • The RAPTOR R56 remote is available in 12V, solar-powered or 230V Versions
  • different automatic modes can be activated in case bird control personnel is absent.
  • one handheld controller is capable of triggering one or all devices on a runway
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