NEW: 3 months Money-back Guarantee:

As demonstrated by our references, our devices are optimal for a variety of application areas. So that you too can experience the effectiveness of our products, we would like to offer you the chance to test a RAPTOR for up to 3 months.

If it does not meet your expectations you can send the RAPTOR back to us. We will refund dependend on your useage:

in the first Month:     85% of the purchase price
in the second Month:    70% of the purchase price
in the third Month:     55% of the purchase price
(except shipping costs, except options or costumised models ,except R56, only for EU costumers)

In cases where a RAPTOR has to deal with birds that are already present since a very long time, it might need a few weeks, until the RAPTOR gets fully efficient. With this guarantee you can easily reach this point.

Please be aware that the RAPTOR is not suitable for use in residential areas. A glance through the noise reduction criteria can prevent misunderstandings in this regard.

bird control device