Overview RAPTOR Bird and Wildlife Defence Equipment

sonic bird repeller



 Overview RAPTOR birdcontrol and wildlife control devices:



 R31 DSC


 R56 remote

 R35- WLS wildlife control

 Range  up to 3 ha *  up to 3 ha*  up to 7 ha*  up to 15** / 30 ha **  up to 30 ha ***
 Dimensions  36x38x26cm  36x38x26 cm  61x42x26 cm  72 x 37x 22 cm  61x42x26 cm
 Weight  2,1 kg  2,1 kg  3,5 kg  >4,2 kg w.o mounting material  3,5 kg
 Loudspeaker  1x 257x164mm  1x 257x164mm  2x 257x164mm   2x  365 x 215 mm   
 high power Amplifier
 2x 257x164mm
 Soundchip  8 sounds  2x 8 Sounds  2x 8 Sounds  2x 8 Sounds  2x 8 Sounds
 Features    switchable sounds  switchable sounds
 2x loudspeaker
 angles 0 - 180° possible
 die-cast aluminium housing
 radio-activation up to 2000m distance
 3x automatic modes
 solar power optional
 special versions available on request

 available against wild-boar
 or deer or combined device

* for light birdcontrol situations, if conditions are more tight: use appropriate numer of devices
** Using the needs-based activation function the RAPTOR remote can cover two times the surface area that the automatic function can effectively cover.
*** under light conditions

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R31 - Bird / Wildlife
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