Bird repellent devices on landfills

Household waste and industrial waste contain very nutritious residues that can attract huge flocks of birds.
Crows, seagulls and starlings can be found in swarms at garbage sorting plants and domestic garbage dumps.
bird problem landfill

Although this represents a very simple and usually all-year food source for the birds, the following problem can arise:

    Birds sometimes eat or carry away poisonous or contaminated material, so they should be kept away for their own protection. Very often they die because of plastic or broken glass.
    The huge flocks of birds cause massive damage in the surrounding area, e.g. in agriculture or in surrounding towns and villages.
    Birds can massively disrupt the operation of the facilities and are often injured or killed by machines.
    Due to the temptingly simple food supply, many birds develop unnatural behavioural changes.

Because of the mostly attractive food supply and the massive occurrence, an effective bird defence solution is required.


Solutions for bird problems on landfills:

At least 2 RAPTOR devices should be used so that the animals do not recognise the origin of the simulated hazard.
Depending on the size of the area and the desired power supply:

    RAPTOR R31 or R35 with 12V battery supply
    RAPTOR R31 or R35 with 230V (110V) power supply, if mains power is available.
    RAPTOR R35 solar (on request)
    RAPTOR R56 remote (available as 12V/solar or 230V version). Particularly impressive when employees working on site can steer entire swarms away by simply pressing a button on the remote control. In noise-sensitive areas, event-driven triggering is usually the only option.
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