bird problems in AGRICULTURE

Vogelabwehr LandwirtschaftIn agricultural settings, a substantial portion of the potential harvest is devoured by birds. It is not rare for flocks of birds to destroy 100% of a harvest in just a short amount of time. Also, damage caused by wild animals can also be significant and can be reduced with a RAPTOR system.


Solutions for bird problems in agricultural areas:

  • RAPTOR R31 or R31 DSC near to residential areas, combination with a noise-protection barrier is recommended
  • RAPTOR R35 for large areas
  • RAPTOR R56 remote for large, connected areas in connection with guardians.
Be aware:
The range of the RAPTOR is considerably enlarged if at least 2 devices are used at a distance of 100-300m. Then the birds cannot estimate the origin of the simulated danger and stay far away.
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