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The wild boar repeller system

In recent decades, populations of wild boar increased strongly in many regions of Europe, thereby causing increased damages in agriculture.
Various methods areavailable to protect farmland from intrusion of wild boar.
Established methods, like electric fences and scaring by shooting single individuals at sites with potential damage are both time consuming and expensive.
Pressure on agricultural sites will further increase with population growth and expansion of the wild boar. Actually, there is a high demand for an economic and easily applicable repellent method that protects agricultural fields.

wild boar repeller device

The acoustic wild boar repellent method

Wild boars use for navigation not only their sensible olfaction, but also their extraordinarily developed hearing. They produce a multitude of sounds in order to communicate among themselves. In case of danger, they emit so-called scare calls, warning calls and alarm calls. These specific calls are useful to chase wild boars away or repel them systematically from certain sites.

the wild boar repeller RAPTOR-WLS R31 and  R35

Compared to common methods, like electric fences and scaring them by shooting, the acoustic repellent method has the following advantages:

• quick and easy to install (e.g. in the evening after sowing)
• low maintenance
• species-specific repellency of wild boar
• protection of large agricultural areas (range >1000 m)
• easy to apply in steep terrain (e.g. vineyard)

Adaptive wild boar
Wild boars demonstrate pronounced social organization and are strongly adaptive
and receptive to learning. Previous acoustic repellent devices had problems due to wild boar’s slyness and lost their effect after a short period. The success of all
measures of prevention including the acoustic repellent method depends on the
alternative food supply and the animals’ hunger drive. Permanently high hunting
pressure on the fields at the same time with silence and sufficient food supply in the
forest enhance the success of the acoustic repellent method in the field.

(text: Dr. Stefan Suter, www.wls.ch)

What is new in the wild boar repeller "Wildschweinschreck"?

The present repellent device bases on the newest scientific findings of behavior


research focusing on species-typical communication in wild boars. The boar repeller "Wildschweinschreck" uses several innovations in order to avoid habituation of wild boar and enhance its effect compared to conventional devices:
• Species-specific calls of several wild boar individuals are used to chase away wild boars in their own language
• Additional sounds that wild boars associate with danger are used to increase the variability
• Combinations of sounds are randomly produced with variation of time-intervals
• The repeller device is powerful, robust and weatherproof

wild pigs causing problems

Technical Information:

The boar repeller "Wildschweinschreck" consists of one or two loudspeakers, an electric control module with cable, battery terminal clips for electrical power supply and a fixation-plate.
RAPTOR-WLS R35 wild life
repeller system with 2 Loudspeakers
available as:
  • wild boar repeller system "Wildschweinschreck"
  • deer repeller system
  • combined deer/wild boar repeller system

RAPTOR-WLS R31 wild boar control "Wildschweinschreck" 1 Loudspeaker
Electric power supply: 12 volt (e.g. car battery)
Electric power consumption: <0.4 Ah per night (depends on time-intervals and length of night)
Sound volume: volume control up to a maximum of 120 dB (1m)
Double-sound-chip: 2x 8 sound-combinations, switchable between "standard" und "aggressive"
Interval-control: tunable between 4 min and 160 min (with variability)
Timer: a photosensor turns the device on and off at dusk and dawn (day-time mode and 24-h-mode are also possible).
Operable temperature range: -10° to +50° degree Celsius
Size R35: 61 x 57 x 25 cm, Weight: 4.5 kg

Note: Simultaneous use of several acoustic repellent devices lead to
disproportionately good effect since sounds may be produced in different directions
and with different time-intervals. The Wildschweinschreck is less bothersome to
residents compared to shooting, ultrasonic sound and acoustic bird repellent devices.
Nevertheless, local legal regulations regarding noise prevention have to be taken into
account while operating with the device.

wild boar repeller GPS tests


Excerpt from the study of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW, CH), satellite image: Google Earth.GPS track data of a wild boar before / after installation of two RAPTOR-WLS wild boar repellers "Wildschweinschreck"

The ZHAW, CH study "Prevention of damage to wild boar in agriculture and management of wild boar in protected areas" can be downloaded here: (Study is in German)
Link to ZHAW

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