rescue young deer

Save deer kids from harvesters / mowers

Every year, when the meadows are mowed in spring, many young fawns are in highest danger of life.
The young deer do not flee when the mower approaches, but duck in their hiding place in the meadow. The conventional methods of avoiding the death of deer from mowing (mowing losses) are extremely time-consuming. Even some high-tech solutions for finding the fawns are far from being practical enough to be applied across the board.

A promising solution is the acoustic suggestion of danger. (RAPTOR principle). If a RAPTOR-WLS "Rehschreck / deer scare" is installed a few days before mowing, this signals to the goat that the meadow is no longer safe and that danger is imminent. The mother will pick up her young on her own and take them to a safe place. After mowing, the RAPTOR-WLS can be deactivated again.

rescue fawns
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