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Bird control for fruit and vegetable growing

Ripe cherries and sweet apples also taste particularly good to starlings, blackbirds and crows. They are very wasteful and pick a lot of fruits, so that they fall off or rot on the tree. The crop loss can be up to 100%.
Also in vegetable growing birds pick the seeds, eat seedlings, pick vegetables, so that it becomes unsaleable.

voegel Gemüsefeld

The bio-acoustic deterrence method of the RAPTOR offers many advantages compared to the previously often used shock shot devices:

    Direct association with a danger
   Automatically alternating Sounds
   Sound chips switchable
   Significantly less noise pollution for residents due to targeted sound reinforcement and optimized frequency ranges
   Simple and cost-effective energy supply
   Robust and durable

The advantages of the RAPTOR compared to the installation of Network in the plantations:

    Considerably cheaper
    Much easier to install,
    Does not interfere with the work in the plantation
    Can be used widely at various areas
    Birds cannot get caught and perish


Solutions for your bird problem :

    RAPTOR R31 for close to residential areas, combination with noise barrier recommended.
    RAPTOR R35 for large areas.
    RAPTOR R56 remote for large plantations, when employees are often on site.

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