Defense against starlings in viticulture

Vineyards have always been highly endangered by gluttonous swarms of starlings. If thousands of hungry starlings invade a vineyard, the harvest of a year can be completely destroyed within minutes.

In addition to the quantitative losses, quality assurance also plays an important role. Just picking a few grapes leads to undesirable rotting processes.
An intact grape skin is a prerequisite for high-quality wines.

protect vineyards from birds

Effectively drives starlings away:

The RAPTOR's bio-acoustic deterrence method acoustically imitates natural enemies and other dangerous situations for starlings. These are insecure and prefer to keep a distance.

This effect is even stronger if at least 2 devices are used at a distance of 100-300m. Then the birds cannot estimate the origin of the simulated danger and stay far away.

Advantages of the electronic RAPTOR bird repellent system compared to the previously frequently used shock guns or gas cannons:

  •     Direct association with a danger
  •     Sounds alternate automatically
  •     Sound chips switchable
  •     Significantly less noise pollution for residents due to targeted sound reinforcement and optimized frequency ranges
  •     Simple and cost-effective energy supply
  •     Robust and durable

The advantages of the RAPTOR sonic repeller compared to the netting of vineyards:

  • Considerably cheaper  
  • Easier to install
  • Can be used widely at various areas
  • Birds cannot get caught and perish

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