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acoustic bird defence

Imitation of natural enemies

Birds are an important part of our natural landscape.
However, if birds appear in flocks, they can cause considerable damage in agriculture and industry.
Huge swarms of starlings, for example, can destroy a year's harvest in minutes.

The electronic RAPTOR bird repellent system can prevent or greatly reduce such damage.

flock of birds problem

The high effectiveness of the RAPTOR is based on an acoustic imitation of natural enemies or the imitation of the species' own warning or alarm sounds. 8 different sounds of shock occurring in nature are reproduced in random order. The animals they are hearing instinctively associate danger and stay away from the area to be protected.

Humans can hear these sounds, but at a certain distance they are no longer considered important because they fit into the natural soundscape.


Comparison RAPTOR bird control devices:

  R31 R31 DSC R35 R42 R56remote
Range ca. up to 3 hectare ** up to 3 hectare ** up to 7 hectare ** up to 7 hectare ** up to 
15/ 30 hectare ***
Dimensions 35x38x25 cm 35x38x25 cm 61x57x25 cm 41x50x32 cm depending on model
Weight 2,5kg 2,5kg 4,5kg 3,1kg depending on model
Loudspeaker  250x145mm 250x145mm 2 pieces 250x145mm   2 pieces, high power
Amplifier       high Power high Power
soundchip 8 sounds 2x 8 sounds 2x 8 sounds 8 sounds 2x 8 sounds

** under good conditions (low bird-pressure, compact area)
*** when activated needs oriented by remote
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